The Right to Know

11 minutes. This is the latest video regarding the death of Don Dunphy. Produced after the Commission of Inquiry was promised but not yet established, it sets out important questions that need to be asked about the suspicious circumstances of Dunphy's killing by an officer of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary - RNC. 

Interview with Audrey Wade, long time friend of Don Dunphy

14 minuntes. Audrey is the founder of the Don Dunphy Community Coalition. She knew Don for most of her life, living in the same small, tight community that is her home and was his. Recorded from Skype. Since the interview we've found out that there will be a public inquiry into Don Dunphy's killing. 

Killed4aTweet: the Don Dunphy Story

10 minutes. This is the first video on the killing of Don Dunphy. It briefly tells the story of who he was and the circumstances of his death.