Don Dunphy 1956-2015

Social media activist & injured worker Don Dunphy was shot and killed in his home by a Newfoundland police officer Easter Sunday April 5, 2015

He had just returned from Easter brunch with his daughter Meghan when Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (RNC) Sgt. Joe Smyth assigned to the premier's security detail visited him, reportedly about some allegedly threatening tweets Dunphy had sent to the premier. The RCMP told the press the next day that Dunphy had pointed a loaded rifle at the officer who then shot and killed Dunphy. The officer, Sgt. (now Constable) Joe Smyth was the only living witness. 

Thousands were outraged and took to Twitter and Facebook to express their anger at the shooting and the long delay (19 months so far) in releasing any details of the shooting. The RCMP has stated that no charges will be laid against Smyth. The province of Newfoundland-Labrador has launched aR public inquiry The Commission of Inquiry into the Death of Donald Dunphy, CIDDD. It is set to begin hearings in January 2017, with a final report scheduled for completion in July, 2017. 

Further info and commentary can found at #DonDunphy #Dunphyinquiry #Dunphy (CBC uses this) on Twitter and The Don Dunphy Story on Facebook. 

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CIDD-Commission of Inquiry into the Death of Donald Dunphy.

Their site provides full streaming coverage of the hearings as well as transcripts and archives, so that won't be duplicated here. This site will provide news and analysis regarding the inquiry and anything related to the Don Dunphy story. As of this point my time has been limited as I try and watch as much of the Inquiry as possible--almost a full-time job in itself. But I'm happily surprised that there are still so many visitors to the site  

Live Twitter feed

Just what it says, a live Twitter feed featuring hashtag #DonDunphy and #Dunphyinquiry.


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The funding appeal has been deleted simply because it was not successful in raising anywhere near enough to pay for the contemplated documentary. So why is the Donate button still there? Because if you believe in and wish to financially support a documentary on Don Dunphy, his life and death, then it will be welcomed and used for that purpose. I have in no way given up on that project.